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November 19, 2009
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Species Reference Sheet by MoonLightSpectre Species Reference Sheet by MoonLightSpectre
A reference sheet made to replace my very very old one that became really obscolete and that will be deleted very soon.

Vampire Wraiths and Shades are two original character races I have been drawing since 2005 I think. Originally they were inspired by the Legacy of Kain series, around 2003-2004. And the progresively grew into something else then alternative universe fan art, the design is original overall and I gave it an original story too.
Anyone whinigs about copyrights will be eaten by my imaginary zombie-hamster.

Vampire Wraiths
The most common skin/hair color combination for wraiths would be steel-blue skin and green hair. But those can vary between any shades of blue, green and even purple. Wraiths can also be albino but that's pretty rare.
What mainly deserves to be mentioned about this spicies is their paws and their wings. The paws work like human feet, although they are larger and more...grippy? The first toe is large and distanced from teh other two, and there's a fourth toe with a huge claw on the outer side of the feet. The hands also work like human ones, but fingers are covered with rough bone-like skin and progressively become claws on the tips.
The amount of wings may look a bit over-exagerated. Wraiths would have "normal" wings on the back, another pair a bit lower, attached to the spine, and another one on the bottom. And a pair of non-functionnal winglets on the head. Wraiths often wear gems on their head-wings, as talismans that would amplify their magic.
Unlike Shades, Wraiths are boys and gals, although they can not technically reproduce themselves since they are undead. They socialize a lot and live in small groups.

Material Shades
For a start, Shades are genderless. They also have no soul or body as the matter of fact - they are actually made of *cough* shade, a dark smoke-like fluid matter that concentrates to create a body-like shape. The tails and hair remain flowing half-transparent gloom most of the time though.
Shades are dark-skinned, seldom black, most of the time a sort of purple-ish grey. They are very skinny and bony, and most of the time wear a bone skeleton-like structure over their skin. Shades have 3 horns and antennae on their fronts.
No eye-lashes or brows or any hairs whatsoever. very narrow eyes with no pupil or internal structure - just pure glowing evergy. The internal glow is usually pink, orange or - most of the time - purple.
Shades have more animal-like legs, with very long thin toes.
Their wings are actually more like pincers, they use them to hit or grab things, although Shades do fly a little, levitating several meters up from the ground.
Shades are rather mean anti-social creatures that live as solitary guardians of whatever treasure or artifact they are able to find. They haunt jewels, weapons, doors and lamps.

The Shaith
A Shaith would be one of a kind, his name is Seth. Normally it would just not be possible for it to exist., but as a result of a dimentionnal paradox, it's a hybrid between a Wraith and a Shade. It's genderless like the Shades, and ill-mannered as well. And unfortunately for him, a Shaith would have the Wraith's hair, head-wings and hip-wings, along with the long fluffy lashes. And the Shades' pink-ish inner glow.
Overall it's a mix of dark and fluffy :D

A couple more words about what I didn't draw here - their ways of dressing themselves.
Wraiths do wear clothes, a lot of leather and gold, for a traveller/tribal style. Shades would wear nothing at all, for them to be able to transform into coulds of shadow and back to their body-shape fluidly. Or they would wear armor made of bone and silver, and silk.
The little Shaith would rather wear human clothes, although it's not nearly easy XD

Well I guess I can now state that have decent sheet for these species. :nod:
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